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Raleigh Coffee Scene

I posted on my Instagram story asking what was the most important factor when it comes to picking a coffee shop, and I got a lot of really good answers! Some friends said the quality of service, some said the quality of the wifi, and still others said, well... the coffee (yeah ok sure). One friend asked if I was opening one, and boy did the dreamer in me get carried away.

For me, it's always been about the aesthetic. I'm no good at math but, plants = key in my book. I’ve gotten pretty good at mapping out different coffee shops I want to check out when I get to a new city, and Raleigh was no different. If anybody wants to hear about my coffee shop scouting method, let me know in the comments. I kid you not, there is a method.

On my most recent trip down to North Carolina, my mom and I decided to do a Raleigh coffee tour all in a day. We got all of our targeted coffee shops mapped out and hit the road nice and early! You’ll notice I’m pretty generous with what I consider Raleigh, I couldn’t resist some of these Chapel Hill and Durham locations! Without further ado…

Stop one was People’s Coffee in Durham. We got a mocha, strawberry croissant and hot chocolate. It wasn’t too crowded, the staff were super nice, and there menu is surprisingly extensive.

Stop two was Perennial in Chapel Hill. I was probably most excited for this one and it did not disappoint. Two floors of cute seating, a great downtown location and plants plants plants! We got a chai latte and chocolate chip cookie.

Stop three was Fount Coffee which I’ve literally wanted to go to since they opened back in December. With tons of seating, and a really unique “Come as you are” wall, Fount is certainly a new favorite. We got two kinds of their stacks (an open faced sandwich, if you will) and a glass of kombucha.

Deemed my mom’s favorite, Sola Coffee was our last stop for the day. If you’ve seen photos of the “I Believe in Raleigh” graphic on Instagram, this is where you’ll find it. Sola has by far the most unique decor of my must-see stops and a really extensive menu not limited to breakfast and lunch hours. We got iced coffee, a Sola Shake (a blended affogato, more or less), and some sandwiches.

Even though we didn’t stop there this trip, I couldn’t not include the Heirloom Brewshop on my must visit list. Heirloom specializes in tea but has all kinds of coffee options as well, and some seriously cool architecture inside. I love their vibe and that they are right downtown!

I’d love to map out my favorite coffee shops in all of the cities I go to. Heck, who doesn’t like having the #trendy places laid out for you? Leave a comment with the city you’d love a coffee scene guide for.



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