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Turning 24 in Portsmouth, NH

If the theme of my 24th year on earth is eclectic, I would say my birthday definitely set the pace! I decided with my roommates and a few close friends to celebrate tWeNtY FoUr in Portsmouth, New Hampshire thanks to a friend who has relocated there. I’d only passed through there once before, and knew that I’d love exploring it’s cute little streets.

We started off Friday night at a funky little joint called The Friendly Toast. It’s bright green and eclectic vibes were so fun - plus breakfast all day? Who can say no to that?

Following a late dinner there we headed to a billiards bar for darts and drinks. When you see a long bench... you take group photos. No questions asked.

My friends made me feel so so SO special, and we had such a fun time. It was also such a special time because I got to turn my phone off for the weekend and be totally present with these guys. Because of the nature of my job I don't get to do it often, and it was incredibly refreshing.

Fast forward lots of pillow talk and very little sleep, we started day 2 at a coffee shop called Lil's Cafe. (did I mention we were going for eclectic?)

If anybody wants to pass on any family heirloom portraits like this one, hit me up. My living room is dying for a gody portrait of a random person like this one.

My friend Bennett, who graciously hosted us and put up with all of our antics!

After some shopping downtown, we grabbed lunch at Street, a restaurant with international street food. It's got eclectic written all over it. (literally, Google listed it as so).

We were in town less than 24 hours, but made the best of every moment. Much thanks to the friends who helped me celebrate. Here's to 24!



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